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December 31, 2011

You’ll never have all the information you need to make a decision. If you did, it would be a foregone conclusion, not a decision.–unknown

This is one pole of a polarity. The polarity is making decisions based on data (reality based) and making them based on gut feel (vision based) There are benefits to both approaches as well as negative impacts for overdoing either one. Waiting to decide is one way of overdoing reality based decision making. It’s actually a way of avoiding responsibility for a poor decision. At worst it results in decision by default. Overdoing the vision based process is like ready, fire, aim. Sometimes you completely miss the target resulting in something worse than no decision at all.


December 30, 2011

A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be. Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.–Thomas Paine

So much for moderation in all things…but then again this is the ego speaking. It’s sounding perfectly rational and reasonable until you think about it.

  • As far as ego is concerned, moderately good is never good enough. Nothing is ever good enough for the ego.
  • Strong emotions can be a good thing. Even anger is necessary from time to time, so long as we don’t nurse it along, keeping it alive for days or more.
  • Finally, immoderate attachment to our own principles leads us to judging others.

I’m still going with moderation in all things including moderation.


December 29, 2011

The problem with this mental game of catch we play called conversation is that the ball transforms in the air so that the ball that is caught is rarely, if ever, the ball that was thrown.–me

Everything we say is said in the context of our own thoughts, beliefs and experiences to which no one has direct access. Everything they hear is interpreted in the context of their thoughts, beliefs and experiences to which we have no direct access. The message that is heard can only be similar to the message that was sent if the two individuals involved share a similar mental context. For everyday communications this is reasonably likely, but far from certain. For matters of the spirit this is far less likely.


December 28, 2011

If you ask me whether God exists, I muat say “No,” if you ask if God does not exist I must say “No.”–me

The term “exists” and indeed any other terms simply do not apply to God.


December 27, 2011

When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things as good, other things become bad.–Tao Te Ching, S. Mitchell tr.

Pairs of opposites are actually polarities. Polarities are creations of the human mind and not necessarily representative of reality. Speaking in the language of mythos, God created the universe and called it good. Should we assume that’s a mistake and that some bits are actually bad? You can’t get around the problem by appealing to some fallen angel, or to original sin. Either it was all good including that angel and the first humans, or it wasn’t. If it wasn’t, God made it badly and then missed the mistakes entirely when he looked at the result.


December 26, 2011

To be content with little is hard; to be content with much, impossible.–Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

The problem is that the ego wants things to fill the emptiness it feels. But in the long run, things invariably fail to fill that emptiness. The more things you have the clearer that failure becomes. So, rather than filling the emptiness, the feeling of emptiness grows with each acquisition.


December 25, 2011

I’m sad today, but there’s still a smile in there. I can feel it, hiding, somewhere behind behind my face like a small child playing peek-a-boo.–me

Sadness comes from the ego, either it didn’t get something it wanted or it got something it wanted but is disappointed. The ego expects happiness to come from the external world, whether through activities, possessions, power, fame, etc. That’s impossible happiness comes from inside. Nevertheless the ego continues searching the same places over and over failing each and every time. And yet, there is always a place of, if not happiness, peace and joy within. We glimpse that place whenever we lose ourselves in the present moment.