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August 31, 2013

Doing crowds out being like cancer cells crowd out healtyh cells.–Dr Rick Hanson


August 30, 2013

Imagine for a moment the entire universe as a massive single player video game with God as the player. So, would we all be God’s avatars or would all save one of us be mere non-player characters (but with aspirations for more) as some would have us believe?–me


August 29, 2013

Know that we reap what we sow in a single motion. Give in this spirit and your left hand will neither know nor care what your right hand is doing.–me


August 28, 2013

Nietzsche said, “Whoever fights monsters must see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” The problem is that most of the monsters we fight are our own personal demons who’s power lies in the fact that we refuse to see and own them.–me


August 27, 2013

On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.–George Orwell


August 26, 2013

Delusions in the medical sense, are not simply a case of being mistaken as the everyday use of the term suggests. They are profound and intensely held beliefs that seem rarely swayed by evidence to the contrary. The general idea is that delustions represent a problem with how you believe- that is a problem with forming and changing beliefs – not a problem with what you believe.–“The Guardian”, Science, August 3 2013.


August 25, 2013

Fairness: A competitive strategy by which one group or individual claims the ethical high ground with respect to another group or individual. The concept is sufficiently subjective that both sides often have legitimate bases to claim that ethical high ground.–me