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Just Saying 2018-03-31,

March 31, 2018

Many Liberals and Conservatives rationalize judging individuals and groups of people, but they tend to judge entirely different categories of individuals and groups. If you challenge their rationalizations these liberals and conservatives often resort to circular reasoning. Regardless, prejudice is prejudice no matter who is doing it or who the targets are.–meFThe process of finding the truth may not be a process by which we feel increasingly better and better. It may be a process by which we look at things honestly, sincerely, truthfully, and that may or may not be an easy thing to do.–Adyashanti

Just Saying 2018-03-30,

March 30, 2018

This is the law of benefits between men; the one ought to forget at once what he has given, and the other ought never to forget what he has received.– Seneca

Just Saying 2018-03-29,

March 29, 2018

Eckhart Tolle saud, “Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you.” And we react to it precicesly because we hate and fear that part of ourselves.–me

Just Saying 2018-03-28,

March 28, 2018

Competence, like truth, beauty and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder.–L. J. Peter

Just Saying 2018-03-27,

March 27, 2018

God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players [i.e. everybody], to being involved in an obscure and complex variant of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won’t tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time.–Terry Prachett (Good Omens)

Just Saying 2018-03-26,

March 26, 2018

Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money.–Margret Thatcher

Just Saying 2018-03-25,

March 25, 2018

Our memories are often shaded to cast our mind, our thinking, in a favorable light. Sometimes the shading is subtle, sometimes our memories are almost totally recast. None of them can be completely trusted.–me

Just Saying 2018-03-24,

March 24, 2018

The road to success is always under construction.–Anonymous

Just Saying 2018-03-23,

March 23, 2018

The only way to know how much is enough, is to do too much, and then back up.–Jerry Jeff Walker

Just Saying 2018-03-22,

March 22, 2018

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.–Groucho Marx