Holding On to Happiness

The plain fact is that you can’t. Feelings arise from conditions, internal and external; they come and go. The best we can do is work to create the conditions in our mind that support happiness. If we can manage this, when happiness decides to pay us a visit, it will be more likely to hang around for a while.

So then, how do we create the conditions that support happiness? The key lies in this simple observation:

It is not the happy people who are grateful; rather it is the grateful people who are happy.

Gratitude for what what is and for what has been is the key to sustaining happiness when it shows up on our doorway. The good thing is that gratitude, unlike happiness is a choice we can make. We can choose to make it a part of our personal mythos, woven into the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. And as I have said elsewhere, the stories are at least for us, the Truth.

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