The Fruit of Life–a myth

I travel inside myself and meet my inner guide. She hands me a red rubber ball and then sits on the floor. I sit beside her and begin bouncing the ball. On the seventh bounce it grows and falls away. I see the earth below me as a baseball held at arm’s length.
“You’re back,” says a voice from behind me.
I turn and see the Archangel Raphael. “Yes,” I reply, “I am.”
“I’m glad,” he says. “You have much to learn about life. Come.”
I follow him out through an arch and into a jungle of tangled green vegetation. We reach a clearing with a small pool and he motions me to sit beside him. It is sunny and quite hot. Still, it is cool enough here by the pool with our feet dangling in the water.
He smiles as I look around. Then he offers me a fruit. “Want one?” he asks. “They’re very good. I promise you’ve never had anything like it.”
“Sure.” I reply. It is round and red with a thick bumpy skin like an orange. My mouth waters just looking at it. “So, how do you eat this thing?” I ask.
He laughs. “Like this,” he says, biting into one himself. “Don’t even try to be neat,” he continues with juice dribbling from the corners of his mouth. “It’s impossible.”
I take a bite and juice spurts everywhere. It is wonderful. Not at all what I expected. The experience is totally indescribable, there are so many flavors and they seem to change by the second.
“It’s life,” he says.
I look down at it, my eyes growing wide. “You mean it’s from the Tree Of Life?”
“The very one.”
“You don’t want eternal life?” he asks.
I keep staring down at the thing almost afraid to take another bite.
“Go ahead,” he says. “Life is always fatal anyway.”
Boy, am I confused, but I take another bite. This one seems even better than the first. Before I know it the whole thing is gone.
“Life is like that, isn’t it?” Raphael smiles. “It’s gone before you know it. Do you want another one?”
“Go slowly,” he says handing me another, “savor this one.”
I take a deep breath, and then another. “Thank you,” I mumble. Then I take a small morsel and hold it in my mouth trying to make it last. It turns foul almost instantly.
“No! No! No!” Raphael shouts. “You must chew. The fruit of life cannot be hoarded or it will become a burden to you; it will poison your soul. Chew slowly, experience sweetness and bitterness, then swallow knowing that it will make you healthy and strong. Eat the fruit of life this way and it will transform you, it will make you a god.”
I take a bite and chew it thoroughly. I take another and another experiencing a whole world in each one. Then, closing my eyes, I fold my hands as I swallow the last mouthful.
“Well done my child,” he whispers. “You may have more if you wish. Whenever you hunger and thirst for life it will be here for you.”

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