Spiritual Polarities–a myth

Traveling through rough terrain the hiker fell and cut his knee. So, he sat down on a rock and began rummaging through his backpack for the safety kit. He knew he’d packed one but he couldn’t find it. He couldn’t find his Swiss Army knife either. Come to think of it he’d lost several of them over the years. One by one, he pulled everything out of his pack until it was empty, or so he thought. At least until he heard a sound coming from inside, a quiet sound almost like a whisper. It was an angry whisper.
“Put back the stuff,” It seemed to say.
He peered down inside and saw movement. Turning the pack upside down, he dumped it out and there lay a tiny figure.
“Now you’ve gone and done it,” The creature said as it stood and dusted itself off. “I thought we had a deal.”
“Who are you, where’s my stuff?” demanded the hiker.
“I’m your demon of course..or at least one of them.” The demon replied. “And you know perfectly well where your stuff is you just don’t want to remember.”
“I know nothing of the kind.”
“Of course you do,” said the demon, “We had a deal, I get rid of any garbage you don’t want to deal with and you pretend I’m not there. Of course I eat some good stuff from time to time, but that’s implicit in our contract. That’s the deal, or it was.”
“I want my stuff .” shouted the hiker.
“Well, then you can have it but you’ll have to take it all.” answered the demon sticking his finger down his throat and bending over.
The hiker turned white and shook his head.
“I thought not,” nodded the Demon. “Just you put me back and we’ll forget this ever happened.”
So the hiker did exactly that.

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