God Neither Exists Nor Does Not Exist

Does God exist?

This is a question better unasked and if asked better unanswered. Having done the first I do not intend to do the second, at least not directly. The primary problem lies with words themselves. Words are human concepts that imply boundaries and limitations. Moreover they imply a certain level of knowledge and understanding of how the concept applies in the give context.

My assertion is that we have no business ascribing boundaries or limitations to God; not even the limitation of existence. We just don’t have the knowledge to apply the concept of existence in this case. Saying:

  • God exists
  • God doesn’t exist

are pure nonsense.

That said, the following is my favorite nonsense:

“God exists” and “God does not exist” is a Polarity (see Polarity page).

Some of us can only see the former, some can only see the latter. Until we can hold both equally in our mind, we will be lost in duality. We will be blocked from seeing Truth by our own mental images of truth.

One Comment on “God Neither Exists Nor Does Not Exist”

  1. uuups- sry my comment should be HERE instead of where I posted it minute ago 😉 k here it’s again:

    Hi, I’m (m, 29) writing this near Hamburg, Northern Germany. Where R U? =) Happy X-mas. I’ve been thinking this about half an hour ago. Googled “God neither exists nor …” to see if anybody out there thinks something dangerously bubblegummed like this xD Found you posting this today, nice coincidence -not more I believe^^ (BTW pls excuse my baaad school English) What I DO think is that this thought has to be voted top-ten within the sum of my fall of stranger ideas xD Admittedly, I googled that guys -I never will apprehend like Meister Eckhart and Cantor whom I kinda adore^^- that those guys got this idea years or hundrets of years ago. BTW -U know this http://unendliches.net/english/ ? Luv it ;P I do Jewish studies, we call it “Judaistik” (e.g. Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen) with focus on early rabbinic Judaism (Peter Schäfer at the alma mater) esp. topics like Dead Sea Scrolls in cross-dept projects with philologists you can find on academia edu, nowerdays. Enough babbled^^ Gonna check out your blog. If you are interested in “off-label” scientific exchange beneath scentences like you’ve posted today pls mail me. My favourite point of view on those thinx is kinda hybrid I’d say^^: ontology expressed with fuzzy logic terms, or even better “non-standard analysis-toolbox”; I mean “über alle Grenzen wachsende Dinge” like surreal numbers, infinite ones, that ones: http://unendliches.net/english/kardinalzahlen.htm and my favourite: http://unendliches.net/english/dimension.htm -btw do you know that every dimension is the infinitely compacted expression of the former one? ;P and no need 2 say the evident I’m infinitely nerdy, thx 2 Jeezes^^ wish u nice holidays

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